High-quality log cabins in Rautjärvi, Southern Karelia

Sustainable travel at Hugon Huvilat log cabins

The cabins Hugo and Hilda were built in the early 2010s on the shores of Lake Rautjärvi. The accommodation capacity of the cabins is 8 persons in Hugo and 12 in Hilda.

Sustainable energy and waste management

The cottages are made of log frames and are suitable for year-round use. The cottages have geothermal heating to heat the cottages and hot water. Mechanical ventilation has heat recovery and in summer cooling comes from the geothermal system.

Gray wastewater is absorbed on the site and toilet water is delivered to a municipal treatment plant. The toilets operate under vacuum and less than a liter of water is used per flush. Hot water systems use low pressures to keep water consumption low. Both cottages have their own deep wells and good, tested water.

The dry waste is delivered to the municipal waste point during the winter and the collection truck runs regularly on the site during the summer. There is a common compost for food waste. Compost waste is used for landscaping in the area. At the municipal waste point, waste is sorted into glass, cardboard, waste paper, metal and other dry waste, and in the summer each waste has its own container on the site.

Meals are cooked indoors and on the terrace, avoiding disposable tableware.

The smoke saunas

The smoke saunas are self-made and aspen wood is used as the building material. The trees have been sawn into logs with a local sawyer. The stove in the smoke sauna is heated by alder wood collected from our own forest. The sauna stoves themselves are made to utilize a lot of air, which means that the combustion is as clean as possible and the saunas heat up efficiently with a small amount of wood.

Nature trails and paths all around

There is a nature trail of about a kilometer in the area around the cottage site, which has been made with the environment in mind and where a variety of natural sites can be seen.

There are plenty of trails and forest roads in the area, and guests have access to a map and advice on how to get around. Motor boating is prohibited in Rautjärvi by agreement with the fishing community, and customers have access to rowing boats, canoes and kayaks, the use of which will be instructed if necessary. The area also has the opportunity to pick berries, mushrooms and fish. We will assist you in obtaining the necessary permits, if needed (for fishing).

Nature reserves and historical sites

There are nature reserves in the vicinity and you can move around them in accordance with everyone's rights. Part of the area is old forest sold to the state as a nature reserve from our own property and we have an agreement with the forest authority Metsähallitus for the use of the area and we are committed to following Metsähallitus' principles of sustainable nature tourism.

The surrounding area is rich in border, war and local cultural history sites and guests are guided to explore them according to their wishes. There are some more and less well-known natural sites in the area, where guests can be guided if necessary.

Sustainable catering

When there are client events at the cabins or saunas where catering is needed, local actors such as the STEP training kitchen from Ruokolahti and their own products are used in food service.

Our own Penttilä farm makes food products from potatoes. Production is in a more than a hundred-year-old stone barn that has operated as a barn and many other agricultural uses over the years and is currently a bakery.

The equipment has been refurbished from old machines that have already been abandoned by the food industry. Various by-products from primary production are used in production, such as oversized and small potatoes, carrots, tomatoes and “end pieces” of cheese.


We welcome everybody to visit us and stay by us. Enjoy an unforgottable arctic smokesauna, hot tube, icy swimming eperience in the middle of South Karelian landscape. During the first 10 months we have had visitors from over 15 different countries in our smoke sauna. On public saunadays you can meet local people as well.